Joel McLeod

I finished college in 2000 and went on to be a youth pastor in Illinois. After 3 years, I felt God calling me to work with CEEF of Cumberland County, Inc. I have enjoyed working with children as so many of them don’t know much about Scriptures. They need someone who will purposely teach them God’s Word. CEF allows me the opportunity to do that. I would love to work together with you to reach more children for Christ.

One of the great joys of this ministry is that my wife Jennifer and 4 children have all been involved in different ways. It is a blessing to work together to help children understand truths from God’s Word.

Terri Kelly

Field Worker
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Gordon (husband)
It wasn’t until Terri was 23 that she came face to face with her need of a Saviour. It was at a ladies retreat that Terri made a decision. At the time, she was the only Christian in her family. Terri attended nursing school and worked for 17 years in that profession. Terri began working as a volunteer in the local CEF office. She also started to attend Teacher Training Classes. Terri felt like a child hearing the Gospel and the stories from the Word of God in such a fresh new way. Later on, Terri was hired as the Field Worker for CEF of Cumberland County, Inc. Terri’s Husband, Gordon, has served with the Air National Guard.