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Released Time Classes

Pennsylvania law allows for public school students to be released from classes once per week for religious instruction. What an amazing opportunity to reach otherwise unchurched children with the Gospel, and to encourage and disciple children who have already trusted Christ as Savior!

Each week, trained teachers, workers, or CEF of Cumberland County Missionaries present: Bible lessons, memory verses, Bible songs, and a missionary story.

Students must have written parental permission to attend. This is NOT sponsored by the school district or Department of Education but by CEF of Cumberland County, Inc. The students are transported to a nearby church or public building by a school bus.

Bible lessons are presented in a variety of ways, including the traditional favorite, flannel graph. In this age of technology and video, flannel graph still captures the attention of the children in a unique way. Other lessons are presented with flashcards or other creative means.

Released Time Classes Offered in Cumberland County


Monroe Elemenatary School (Boiling Springs) (3rd -5th Grades)


Crestview Elementary School (Carlisle) (3rd-5th grades)


Mt. Holly Elementary School (Mt. Holly) (2nd-5th grades)

 Each of these Released Time Classes starts in October and meets over the lunch / recess hour for that day.  After the class is over the child will be returned back to his class.

There are flyers in each of the school offices if you are interested in signing you child up for these wonderful opportunities.   You can also call our office at (717) 243-1955 and we will send one to you.

Good News Clubs

Boys and girls ages 5 through 12 gather with their friends to sing interesting visualized songs. They enjoy playing games that help them memorize a verse from God’s Word. Through the missionary time they learn of children around the world who are following Jesus. The visualized Bible story applies God’s Word to what is happening in their lives. They play review games that help them remember what was taught. An opportunity to receive Jesus Christ as Savior is given. Activities that help them grow in Christ are presented.

Also, in some areas, we have Good News Clubs after school right on the school property. We call them After-School / In-School Good News Clubs. This is a Pennsylvania State approved program.

Christians who are concerned for boys and girls work together volunteering their time and energy to teach Good News Clubs. They are trained by CHILD EVANGELISM FELLOWSHIP of EASTERN PA to have a club that is exciting and informative so that children will want to keep coming.

Teachers are asked to sign our Statement of Faith and agree to abide by the policies of the organization (CEF of E. PA is non-charismatic).

Good News Clubs in Cumberland County

Schools that we currently have After School / In School Good News Clubs are:


Green Ridge Elementary School (Mechanicsburg)


Hamilton Elemenatary School ( Carlisle)

Sporting Hills Elementary School (Mechanicsburg)

Mt. Rock Elementary School (Newville)

Newville ELementary School (Newville)


Bellaire Elementary School (Carlisle) 

Iron Forge (Boiling Springs)

All of these clubs will be starting in October.  There are permission slips at the office of each school. 

If your are interested in signing up for one of these clubs please contact our office at (717) 243-1955  so we can send you a permission slip.

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